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All course videos are MP4 files similar to MP3 files, so as long as your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop can play a standard MP3 or MP4 file, you’re in business.

Currently we use PayPay with the option for you to use a major credit or debit card. We like PayPal because it protects your transaction against fraud.

Generally at time of purchase unless there is a technical difficulty downloading a specific course; then we don’t charge your account until your have successfully downloaded the course your wanted.

All video courses have a 30 day return policy for store credit. Since this is a virtual product downloaded to your desktop, there isn’t any physical way to return the downloaded course to us. Think of it as catering at a wedding, once the food has been delivered, its hard to return it to the catering company. Podcast and any PDF file are for you to keep indefinitely.

We don’t like spam and presume you probably don’t either, so as a company policy, we never rent, lease, sell or give your personal information to any other company other than PayPal that needs some information to process your order.

That depends on the speed of your connection. Since video files are big and don’t compress well, they might be bigger than expected, but if you have a good Internet connection you should be fine; if not just let the file download over night.

Currently just American-English, but we are in talks to convert our courses to Spanish and Mandarin. As a subscriber, you’ll receive an email when they become available in other languages

As a subscriber, you will email receive notification of new courses, discounts, and additional videos at no extra charge; its just our way of saying thanks.