A long time ago...wait, that's wrong

Once upon a time, our founder was working as a professor, researcher and consultant to companies such as Hallmark Cards, The Record Plant, Sprint, Paramount Pictures, and the American Council on Education.

Then, the Great Recession hit, and the once full-time professor like so many other academics could only find work as an online adjunct; you know, an academic temp with all the experience and credentials, but earning only 25% of the money. So he looked around and thought “How can I take all of the consulting and research experience, then make it beneficial to anyone who wants the skills and knowledge, but not college credit?


Then this under-employed academic looked at online courses and discovered, most were of poor quality, lacked definitive outcomes or didn’t fully engage the learner (that’s you) in the process of acquiring new skills. So he sat down with his trusted friend Scotty, and hammered out Learn Good Stuff; the place where professionals learn cutting-edge skills to remain competitive and indispensable.

The rest as they say… is history