Dedicated to enhancing your career skills; with information they didn’t teach in college.

Does this story sound familiar?

You worked hard, got your degree graduating at the top of your class and entered the work force only to discover that the skills your learned in college have almost nothing to do with building a successful career. And the deadheads you knew in college who are less knowledgable, less talented or not as smart, always seem to get promoted or just make a lot more money than you do.


This website, blogs and video courses strip away all of the unsubstantiated hoopla found in most career books and address the important issues with real-world solutions that help you enhance your career. Have a supervisor who’s a jerk to work for? We can help with that. Need to balance your EQ and IQ so you get the next promotion? We can help with that as well.

Most of the information on this website (including podcasts) are free for the taking, and our video courses run on all platforms including smartphones, laptops, tablets or desktops and are the highest audio and video quality.

To gain the full value, consider accessing the course(s) from a smartphone or tablet and don’t for get the use the podcasts available from Apple iTunes; good to have when driving across Nebraska.

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