Podcastart_1Here is a list of all my podcasts past and present and all are free for your dinning and dancing pleasure. They also work great in when driving in the car, taking a walk or just to relax. What I like best about a podcast (other than making them) is how they allow us to keep current no matter what we are doing; knowledge on the go, gotta love it.


Adjunct Conditions: Why are so many academic adjuncts (70% in some colleges) doing the same job as full-time faculty at half the pay and with few if any benefits? This podcast series will look at current working conditions of adjunct faculty who do the same job as their full-time counterparts, but with little if any job security or recognition.


University of Misery at Columbia: Unless you have been living on the North Slope of Alaska or under a rock, protests concerning alleged institutional racism at the University of Missouri-Columbia have been in the media more than a Kim Kardashian photo-shoot. While racism is unjustifiable in any situation, it does exists as part of the human condition, and every person on the planet regardless of gender, nationality, religion or ethnicity has the potential to become a racists; it just takes the right set of circumstances, conditioning, or experiences. This podcast will explore some of the issues surrounding intuitional racism ay the University of Missouri-Columbia protests


Intellectual Property: Although a well-established, long-standing agreement between institution and academics, the concept that research by academics now belongs to the institution is changing the higher education relationship. In the past, an academic might publish a paper, invent a technology or medical instrument, write a book, and for the most part, that research was considered the property of the academic and not the university or college and at the least, revenues were shared by both the researcher and the institution. This podcast looks at the changing relationship of intellectual property as asked the big question “Who owns what?


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